I just love my garden—you did a marvelous design job and I am truly enjoying it.  And you were so right in having me wait until you could get this team on board to build it for me.

I love this yard more than my old one--which is remarkable as I was so reluctant to leave my old yard--it was the one thing I did not want to leave.

If you had a yard sign to put out saying Garden Designs by Angela—that would be just fine, remedy too.

Darlene Acton, Home Owner

We hired Angie on the recommendation of our builder and she designed our yard and worked closely with our landscaper. I always tell those who compliment our yard that it was money well spent.

We have recommended Angie's services to many people, most importantly our daughter who used Angie's services to design her yard and is as pleased with the results as we are.

I have also had the pleasure of having Angie design and plant the large flower planters at our home. I always look forward to her finished product, they are amazing.

Mr. Baker, Home Owner